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Allen Benzing@ 9:42pm 10-22-2019
Was Dog Flight 6922nd from about May of 1972 to January 1973, then off to Ft Meade. I came to Clark from the 6918th in Hakata when that base closed rather abruptly in the spring of 1972. The PI was a bit of culture shock, but I enjoyed exploring Luzon on my motorcycle - what's not to like about Baguio - except the trip to/from! I enjoyed the work and friends. Started my aviation career at the Flying Club on the little dirt strip - well clear of the main rwy. Flew over Clark 20 years later in a 747... sorry to see it in disrepair.
Doug Quinn@ 6:48pm 10-03-2019
6925th Security Group, Clark AB, 1964-65, A Flight. Best duty station ever!!
Richard E Ruark@ 4:50pm 04-17-2019
My duty station after leaving San Angelo school, in 1971, what an enjoyable culture shock. After one year I left Clark for Iraklion Crete. Spent 4 years with the Air Force.. Now I am able to look back with fond memories.
Michael Harrington@ 10:54pm 03-16-2019
20250 Clark 1965-66 2T from Kadina Okinawa
chuck christopher@ 8:58pm 02-13-2019
i was a dittybop 6922 charlie flt 1969 to 72
David Kettenhofen@ 11:57am 01-08-2019
I am trying to find Ron Sharp who was with the 6922nd in '69 through '71. He was a 292x1. We were previously stationed together at TUSLOG Det 94 in Turkey. After that he went to the 6922nd and I went to Tan Son Nhut AB, Vietnam. Last saw him when I went through jungle survival school at Clark in May, 1970. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Ron Samson@ 11:01am 12-17-2018
For those of you inquiring about the next reunion contact Mike Gibson (Lulu) @ He has the particulars.
Roy Spellmeyer@ 10:13pm 09-03-2018
I was stationed at the 6922nd from March 1976 to June 1977. I worked in Maintenance Material Control. I unfortunately left in 1977 but management wanted me to stay due to a personnel shortage. I regret that decision to this day. I did go back in Jan 1990 from Osan AB on TDY for Cope Thunder.
Maness McDaniel@ 12:43am 08-31-2018
When and where will the next reunion take place?
robert muszynski@ 11:21am 05-19-2018
I was there from November 1963 till 65. It was the 6925th at that time, or so my patch says. Loved the work. I spent a lot of time in the Quonset Hut which housed Transec, transcribing telephone conversations from base to the states or air traffic conversations. I was on duty the night an air craft carrying new troops crashed. Sad night.
Jerry Goodrich@ 1:29pm 03-22-2018
When is the next reunion? Please email me.
Carl Hibbard@ 10:20pm 03-16-2018
X2 operator on C flight from 1969-1970. Special training in flexscop with Dave Dickson, Bob Beriger, and my good buddy Jim Adams. “In God we trust, all else we monitor!”
Stephen joe stone@ 12:54am 03-12-2018
Please send an email if you knew Joe Stone

Thank you,
Jim Sharon@ 6:02pm 02-12-2018
I was with the 6922nd from the Fall of '66 - Spring of '68. I started out as a 292x2, but after about six mother got a "day job". Also did some volunteer work at AFPN and was a regular in the Cobra Den. Still got my mug sitting on my bar here at home in San Antonio. After Clark, I went back to Goodfellow as an instructor until my discharge in Dec '69. Anybody out there remember me?